Sandy in a nutshell...

At every photography class & seminar I have attended, I’ve been told that I should have a bit of information about myself on my website. What they most likely mean is, that I should go on and on about how “photography is my passion”, and what my credentials are. But that’s so boring… I hope the images simply speak for themselves. When you want to know more "about" me, what might be of more interest is what kind of person I really am! So…. here goes:


Sandy in a nutshell:

What I like... coffee, anything with peanut butter, action/thriller movies (like the ones with Shwarzenegger, Bruce Willis, The Rock, Harrison Ford, etc.), researching genealogy, reading with a highlighter, writing corny stories, shoes and more shoes, camping in my vintage Airstream, skiing, scuba diving, drag racing (at the drag strip of course), biking, Mexican food, the Bible, my Mac computer (once you go Mac, you'll never go back), Panerea's, firepits and roasting hotdogs on a stick, Diet Pepsi, Bluegrass music, Pinterest, a fireplace on Christmas Eve, blizzards and thunder storms (I could be a storm chaser), the Steel Vengeance roller coaster... and oh yes, PHOTOGRAPHY!